TubeMogul University | The Brightest Minds In Programmatic Branding
A global event that brings together a diverse group of people to speak on topics relating to the past, present and future of video advertising and Programmatic Branding.
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Programmatic Branding Thought Leadership



“Every year, I am so impressed by the group of people who come together and the insights we all walk away with. Across 3 events, we get to spend time with upwards of 300 smart, dedicated industry leaders who are truly invested in furthering the programmatic video ad industry.” – Chip Scovic, CRO


ubeMogul University provides a unique opportunity to interact with a diverse group of global thought leaders and visionaries in the programmatic online video industry. Held annually in Australia, Europe and North America, the agenda for each 3-day event is focused on topics relating to trends in the programmatic industry and best practices for using programmatic software to achieve effective brand performance.

Attendees at each TubeMogul University include mid- to senior level executives from brands, advertising agencies, trading desks and publishers.

Speakers at each TubeMogul University are comprised of industry experts from different disciplines across the field of programmatic video advertising plus surprise guests who offer outside perspectives on entrepreneurship, social management, entertainment and other exciting industries.

TubeMogul University offers a chance for our current and prospective clients to learn more about the industry, network with others who are both new and experienced users of programmatic software and to spend a little time outside of the office in a setting conducive to both personal and professional development. While the focus of TubeMogul University is education and growth, we carefully balance each event’s agenda to include enough time to enjoy the indulgences each region has to offer. From pizza making in Italy to wine blending in Napa, attendees are treated to social activities as rewarding as the learnings from our University sessions.









“We’ve heard valuable feedback that some of our business track sessions around programmatic activation have been especially helpful for attendees in Europe and APAC where programmatic buying is seeing rapid growth and adoption.”



Marc Galens, SVP International









What Do Past Attendees Have to Say?






Nearly 100% of last year’s attendees would recommend TubeMogul University to a colleague.


Percentage of last year’s attendees that prefer our software interface to industry competitors.


Percentage of attendees that ranked TubeMogul ahead of competitors in the video advertising space.


Percentage of attendees that expressed the desire to increase their annual video ad spend post event.








“We’ve always placed an emphasis on choosing the best locations for TubeMogul University events. Bringing groups to beautiful, comfortable locations inherently helps them disconnect from busy office environments and allows for more personal interactions and networking.”



Rachele Cazarez, Events Manager




World Class Destinations









2014 Event Highlights




Napa, California


Provence, France


Bowral, Australia







“TubeMogul University is about empowering brands to helping further the programmatic video advertising industry. We’re here to have meaningful discussions about the current state of the market and really dig in to find out how we can continue to help clients meet their business goals with digital branding.”



Brett Wilson, TubeMogul CEO




TubeMogul Speakers















“We’re committed to making our client’s time away from the office valuable, so each year we focus on pulling together the best content and creating an agenda customized to our various groups of attendees.”



Keith Eadie, CMO





Getting on the Right Track



briefcaseSessions on this track focus on meeting business objectives through programmatic adoption and activation. This track is intended for those interested in the implementation of programmatic software for their agency or brand teams and content is designed to leave attendees with a tangible roadmap. Global programmatic and video predictions are also discussed as it relates to growth potential.

Sessions on this track provide in-depth, tactical applications for using TubeMogul’s programmatic video advertising software. Led by members of our operations, engineering and product teams, this track is intended for those who are new or experienced users of the Platform. Content is designed to leave attendees with a strategic understanding of our products as well as deliver tips, tricks and solutions to help them work smarter.






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